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Economics Department

Program Outcomes

IHU Department of Economics aims to produce graduates who have a strong grasp of basic economic theories and concepts, who are capable of using them to analyze specific problems in a competent and original way, and who understand the global economy, including especially Turkey and its surrounding countries.

To that end, the Department aims to train “privileged” students in small classes through a special mentoring system and unique methods of instruction. Such active learning processes will enable our students to develop analytical capabilities at an early stage. Successful graduation will mean starting their careers one step ahead of their peers and competitors. The Department’s biggest asset is its experienced faculty, many of whom have completed their PhDs in some of the world’s leading institutions.

The undergraduate program in economics offers an eight-semester curriculum based on (1) a number of core courses intended to provide a solid foundation in economic theory, mathematics, statistics, and econometrics, along with (2) a wide range of electives in business, sociology, psychology, history, law, and politics. Through a variety of sectoral electives, students will also be acquiring familiarity with subfields like entrepreneurship, real estate, energy, communication, environment, transportation, or finance.

While the first year of the program supplies an indispensable foundation for the social sciences, subsequent years are designed so as to al- low our students to follow different courses of study in line with their career goals. Eventually, the university will be establishing a series of “satellite” research centers revolving around the Economics Department, and not only graduate students but undergraduates, too, will be readily able to participate in these projects. On top of a large number of case studies discussed in class, this will mean additional opportunities for students to put the theories and concepts acquired in their coursework to the test of empirical research, further deepening the links between economic theory and practice.

Career opportunities

The undergraduate program in economics is intended for students who are (a) seeking a career in international trade, banking, insurance, finance, brand management, marketing, human resources, real estate, energy, transportation, communication, or auditing; (b) wishing to combine their education with an entrepreneurial spirit to launch their own startups; or (c) looking to find employment in public institutions such as the central bank, the treasury, bodies regulating banking and capital markets, the stock exchange, clearinghouses or central registry agencies. Last but not least, (d) some of our top graduates will be eyeing graduate studies in Turkey or abroad on the way to academia.