Assistant Professor


  1. Bachelor

    Marmara University

  2. Master

    Sabancı University

  3. PhD

    University of Pittsburgh

Areas of Interest

Macroeconomics, Labor markets, Immigration, Private pension systems and saving behavior of individuals

Short Biography

Şerife Genç İleri got her BA degree in Economics from Marmara University and her MA degree from Sabanci University. She completed her PhD education at the University of Pittsburgh. Between 2012 and 2017 she worked as a research economist at the Central Bank of Turkey. Besides conducting scientific research, she was responsible for coordinating international trainings for central bankers and mutual relations with foreign central banks. Currently she is working as an assistant professor at Ibn Haldun University.

Her research fields cover labor markets, immigration, private pension systems and saving behavior of individuals. She has various publications in these fields. 

Academic Publications

  • The French First Employment Contract: Efficient Screening Device or Kleenex Contract ( Mehmet Bac ile) Journal of Economics, Vol.98, No.1, September 2009, 77-88
  • Undocumented Worker’s Employment Across US Business Cycles (David Brown, Julie Hotchkiss and Myriam Quispe Agnoli ile) Contemporary Economic Policy, 2014, Vol.32(3), 653-670
  • Cross-sectional Facts on Bank Balance Sheets over the Business Cycle (O. Furkan Abbasoglu ve Yasin Mimir ile), Central Bank Review, 2015, Vol. 15(2), 31-60
  • Government Subsidized Individual Retirement System (Okan Eren ile), TCMB Çalışma Tebliği 15/20
  • Selective Immigration Policy and Its Impacts on Natives: A General Equilibrium Analysis, TCMB Çalışma Tebliği 15/29 
  • Rise of Services and Female Employment: Strength of Relationship (Gönül Şengül ile), TCMB Çalışma Tebliği 17/02



  • “Undocumented Workers’ Employment across the U.S. Business Cycles” Society of Government Economists Konferansı, Washington DC (2010), Western Economics Association Toplantısı, San Diego (2011) 
  • “Selective Immigration Policy and Its Impacts on Natives: A General Equilibrium Analysis” Pittsburgh Üniversitesi Seminer Serisi, Pittsburgh (2011), TCMB Seminer Serisi, Ankara (2012), 4th Annual CEPII Conference on Immigration in OECD countries, Paris (2014) 
  • “Government Subsidized Individual Retirement System” Kadir Has Üniversitesi Ekonomi Bölümü Seminer Serisi, İstanbul (2013), Bahçeşehir University Ekonomi Bölümü Seminer Serisi, İstanbul (2013), TCMB Dahili Konferansı, Ankara (2013), ERF 20th Annual Conference, Kahire (2014), 12th ESCB Emerging Markets Workshop, Saariselka (2014), Koç Üniversitesi Kış Çalıştayı, İstanbul (2014) 
  • “Cross-sectional Facts on Bank Balance Sheets over the Business Cycle” 4th NBRM Research Conference, Üsküp (2015)